As far back as I can recall, I have enjoyed journaling events of my life.  Growing up and listening to tales of my parents’ generation in the Caribbean was so fascinating, that I wanted to be a part of the stories they told. That was not to be, as we migrated to the U.S. and […]

Generous Giver or Over-Giver, which are you?

       It’s the season for giving, so without much thought you plunge head first into a crowded mall, possibly running a red light just to get the nearest parking space to your desired entrance and grab the last shopping cart, leaving some poor, less fortunate soul to fend for herself while she waits patiently for the next person to return their cart. You must get on with the urgent need to express your over-zealous generosity – for the holidays!

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In a recent article, the Asbury Park Press explored the effect of Digital tools on the way our students “write, spell and use proper grammar.” Text-messaging tools and the abbreviated informal language of the Internet filled with emoticons, are producing students who turn in papers incapable of expressing good grammar, displaying critical thinking skills or […]

VACATION on your mind?


COME WITH ME……. to an Island I know you will enjoy!  The trip will only take you four hours by plane from Miami, so pack your lightest clothing, a few swimsuits and sandals; and oh, don’t forget a straw hat and suntan lotion as you’ll be perfectly tanned before it’s all over.  We’re off to Trinidad & Tobago, but before we leave I have to give you some history and background.

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  If you’re still not sure what books to take to the beach this summer, one of my recommendations is “The Monuments Men” by Robert Edsel. It’s an engaging and suspenseful account by Robert Edsel of the activities of the monuments men during World War II. The Monuments Men were 345 volunteers from the 13 Allied countries, who tracked and protected monuments and cultural artifacts from destruction, and in the years following the war, located and returned more than five million pieces of art stolen by Hitler and the Nazis.

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