Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & Happy New Year

To all of you who supported me by visiting my blog this year and leaving comments or giving feedback verbally, I want you to know how much it’s meant to know you took the time out of your busy schedule to do so. To those of you who have followed me, in spite of theContinue reading “Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & Happy New Year”

Election fact or fiction

We’ve all been barraged by stories of sexual assault recently in the media, which the alleged predator dismisses as “fiction.”  I would be remiss if I glossed over the controversial topic without adding a few comments of my own. As someone who has been a victim of unreported sexual assault, I understand why these womenContinue reading “Election fact or fiction”


The following video has deep meaning for me and I wanted to share it in light of the disturbing events of the past week.  I have few words for the depravity that occurred, and think that a solution to resolve the problem can only take place after in-depth soul searching and discussion on many levels.Continue reading “FICTION WRITING EXPANDS OUR HUMANITY”

Why Guernica Still Matters — Discover

“But what Picasso’s Guernica reminds us is this: these aren’t bugs, but real human beings — with real lives — that are being ripped apart.” Andrew Engelson examines why Guernica remains relevant, nearly 80 years later. via Why Guernica Still Matters — Discover – This article expresses most appropriately, the unrest we see around the world today andContinue reading “Why Guernica Still Matters — Discover”

Orchids can be a rewarding hobby

There is no denying the fact that orchids are an inspiration to artists, who skillfully attempt to capture their elegance in delicate shapes and colors.  Their beauty motivates authors to write stories and novels.  Fashion designers use them in creative designs for necklaces, earrings, or may even use resin to preserve the flowers forever.  ItContinue reading “Orchids can be a rewarding hobby”

Generous Giver or Over-Giver, which are you?

       It’s the season for giving, so without much thought you plunge head first into a crowded mall, possibly running a red light just to get the nearest parking space to your desired entrance and grab the last shopping cart, leaving some poor, less fortunate soul to fend for herself while she waitsContinue reading “Generous Giver or Over-Giver, which are you?”

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