The following video has deep meaning for me and I wanted to share it in light of the disturbing events of the past week.  I have few words for the depravity that occurred, and think that a solution to resolve the problem can only take place after in-depth soul searching and discussion on many levels.  So in the meantime, I mourn just like everyone else for the loss caused by the actions of both the cops and the deranged individual who retaliated.  If we could only stop talking past each other and try to understand how each side feels, perhaps we could establish meaningful dialogue and show love for each other. Isn’t that what humanity is about?

I think that reading fiction can expand our humanity, but maybe there’s no value for such pursuits in our lives.  Perhaps at a later time we will take the time to reflect on these events and evaluate the effects of social media on our psyche.  Watch this video and feel free to comment.



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