Leaving Florida



Each year that I spend in Florida, offers enriching new experiences. I have been fortunate to find interesting people who I meet in the course of my daily activities and in some cases, form personal     relationships with. Then there are artists whose work I hear about and immensely enjoy listening to or viewing at a performance. For these reasons, it becomes difficult to leave when I have to make my way back to the Jersey Shore for summer.  There is a brief period of mourning for the loss of my new found friends and the camaraderie we’ve shared. Needles to say, the exhaustion that goes with the upheaval of packing up and moving in either direction requires a great deal of recovery time.



We can all make new discoveries every day that we step outside our homes, and I was privy to some writers’ workshops in Florida this year, one of them being a mystery writer, Miriam Auerbach who became successful at incorporating humor into her writing. She’s written a series of mysteries, if you would like to check out her humorous mysteries.  Feel free to leave your comments.




There is much to experience in South Florida as a result of the many diverse cultures.   There is a unique perspective of artists’ thoughts and ideas through self-expression, and the appreciation shown by audiences for the creation of this fusion of regional and cultural art form, helps promote a welcoming environment in which to tell their stories.




With influences from as far as Africa and as close as Haiti, Cuba and the Latin American countries, as well as Brazil, the West Indies and Mexico, Miami is a veritable melting pot of cultures. Art Basel is an internationally famous annual exhibition, attended by thousands – so be patient and plan months in advance, if you wish to go. The competition is fierce, and the spectacular art displays are composed of unique  and interesting media, with new design concepts being introduced each year.  Much can also be said about the gastronomic experiences of Miami.  They truly reflect the diversity of the city and prices run the gamut.

Why do I keep writing?  Well, it gives me an opportunity to meet great writers like the beautiful woman who I ran into and learned that she had published a children’s story book. She was very encouraging and gave me some direction with my novel (in progress). Another talented photographer, Bruce enjoys watching the beautiful sunrises and changes in the weather,  and has agreed to let me share some of his beautiful photos, which you can see in this post.  I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. Life goes on in beautiful South Florida as it does at the Jersey Shore.  I’ve decided to stop mourning and get used to it!



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