What’s in store for 2016

difference bet. goals & resolutions

A goal as defined by Webster’s Dictionary is a reward, or the result or achievement toward which effort is directed.

A resolution on the other hand is an expression of opinion or the intention to do something – in this case perhaps, reach that goal.

The idea of making New Year resolutions has never appealed to me. It’s not enough to just express what you need to aim for.  It seems you have to work at it if you want to achieve it. By  announcing our resolutions, we put ourselves under scrutiny and are forced to accompany our words with uncharacteristic and inappropriate actions.  We are then placed in a position of having to follow through, just to show that we can keep up with our resolutions.

A frequent sight are the people who decide that following the holidays they want to lose weight, so they embark on crash diets that are so absurd they wish they could die instead.  Then there are those who take up space at my gym after the New Year, hogging the machines and lunking  so loudly while they work out, they’re absolutely disgusting to listen to.  But take heart my gym buddies, they never last more than a month. They’ll go back to their old habits before long and we’ll have the gym to ourselves!

So my preference is to set goals -and not brag about them- that I know I can fit into my list of activities like a Culinary Fair performance which I plan to attend each year and never get around to; or volunteer for a charitable cause if even for a day; or the elimination or an item on my bucket list –  like a trip to a spa, resort or foreign country.

How about you?  Is there something you plan on doing this year that would enhance/meet a goal in your life and make you feel good at the same time? Something you’d like to share with someone special who you think would appreciate the gesture.

I’d like to hear about it.  Please tell me if this is the year for a grand celebration you’ve been planning for years and finally going to fulfill, or perhaps your dream of seeing your kids/grandkids, a loved one who lives faraway. Perhaps you want to share your success at having your art exhibited in an art gallery.  Please feel free to share your story.

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