As far back as I can recall, I have enjoyed journaling events of my life.  Growing up and listening to tales of my parents’ generation in the Caribbean was so fascinating, that I wanted to be a part of the stories they told. That was not to be, as we migrated to the U.S. and I became a citizen of a different country with a very different culture, leaving that part of my life behind.  I attended Fordham University and NJIT where I graduated with a B.A. & M.Sc. Degrees respectively, that allowed me access to Fortune 500 companies.

Throughout my working career which has been in the Information Systems environment, I continued to write articles for our company’s newsletter and helped inform coworkers of progress in our field through technical bulletins.  There has always been a yearning in my personal life  to spend time being more creative.  This has taken several forms.  Photography, music and art appreciation, growing orchids to name a few. In addition, I have been an advocate for the mentally ill and worked as a volunteer with non-profits helping to educate adults.

Recently I started writing short stories and one or two found favorable audiences.  This motivated me to try working on a manuscript.  I’m still in the process,  and in the meantime using what little spare time I have to develop a platform of readers.

I hope I can make this blog about all aspects of life.  My fiction is about life and what we can all relate to in our complicated lives.  Making this blog relatable and engaging is my goal and I intend to learn all that I can about how to enhance the written word and make it attractive to my readers.

You will find some of my musings at https://elivingnews.wordpress.com


Phalaenopsis (pink)








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